October 24, 2009


Dr. Porntip gave an 80 percent chance that Teoh Beng Hock had been murdered by the MACC. I believe I have the remaining 20 percent. Looking at the information available publicly since Teoh's death, including the findings of Dr. Porntip, I have made certain deductions about the matter:

Teoh was said to have fallen from the 14th floor to a roof at the 5th floor level. That's a fall of 9 floors.

A fall of that distance would often produce some splatter of blood at the scene, but such blood was apparently absent in the photos of Teoh's body on the roof.

Dr. Porntip testified that there were marks indicating dragging across a "hard and rough surface".

The stairs, doorways and pathways to and along roofs of a building don't receive the smooth beautiful finishes given areas inside the building, they are left rough, bare cement and gravel.

From the above, I think a reasonable deduction is that Teoh did not fall to where his body was shown on the roof, but rather was killed elsewhere and dragged to the point on the roof shown in the photos. That's the remaining 20 percent.

It appears that his body was placed on the roof below a window to attempt to make Teoh's death appear a suicide.

In other words, Teoh's death was 100 percent murder.

Why was Teoh killed?

Did he know "too much"?

Could he have implicated someone in a corruption case?

Perhaps he was called to the MACC not to give evidence but rather to learn what he knew and then permanently silence him.

Teoh's death will understandably make people reluctant to provide information to the MACC, which would hamper the ability of the MACC to combat corruption.

It appears that the MACC (formerly known as the ACA) is not really interested in combating corruption, but rather interested in suppressing evidence of corruption, to the extent of committing murder to achieve that end.

What to call a country ruled by thieves and murderers? Malaysia has become such a country.

Written by Pakac Luteb


Uncle Lee said...

Hi MW, not familiar with this story, but from reading your posting, can sure sniff something doesn't sound right.
This kinds of cases has the footprints of the word 'p' around, and that's politics.
Sometimes pending who will be, can be, might be implicated that tends to have camoflage thrown over a tank.
Have a great week, Lee.

masterwordsmith said...

Hi Uncle Lee

Lovely to see you again..Yup - many things are amiss here and I am sure you are feeling safe and secure where you are :-).

This is my third blog and I post once in a few days. You can find my writings in masterwordsmith-unplugged where I post a few times a day and also at MASTERWORDSMITH@WRITERS.INCwhere I post once a day. I know, I am a terrible blog maniac. Hope you and yours are doing fine although it must be getting colder by now...Thanks so much for dropping by. Take care and have a great week, Uncle Lee.