May 28, 2011

New - The Dating Dictionary

Here's an article from The Daily Mail that teaches lonely hearts how to read between the lines. Written by Claudia Connell, it tells us what some women and men really mean in advertisements.

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Shocking - Death from bed bug pesticide poisoning

A British couple were among seven tourists whose deaths in Thailand have been linked to a toxic bed bug pesticide.

Pensioners George Everitt, 78, and his wife Eileen, 73, from Boston, Lincolnshire, were found dead in their room at the Downtown Inn in Chiang Mai.

An undercover investigation revealed shocking evidence linking the deaths between January and March after all seven stayed at or used facilities at the hotel.

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May 24, 2011

Unbelievable But True

This morning, I nearly fell off my seat when I read this article that a friend sent to me via email.

CLICK ON THIS LINK TO READ Schoolgirl wins right to use her iPod in exams as she can't concentrate unless she's listening to music

What will happen next?