April 06, 2009


Corruption is a phenomenon that can be encountered in any country of the world. No matter what the country is – poor or rich, democratic or authoritarian, big or small – it is difficult to avoid corruption. While corruption in the world can be estimated at approximately 1 trillion dollars; meanwhile, about a billion people are living in the conditions of extreme poverty. There are different types of corruption including political corruption, data corruption, linguistic corruption.

Political corruption means that the government officials are using their powers and positions for personal gain. In most countries of the world it is regarded to be illegal. For some countries this phenomenon is so ordinary that people consider it to be normal interacting with the government officials.

Corruption takes different forms including:





embezzlement etc.

When corruption is tolerated within an economy it can also have negative effects on the political and economic development. For example, government corruption can shift government spending from positive growth and social affairs toward spending on unnecessary programs or low quality investments related to the infrastructure of the government . Government officials often take bribes that persuade them to spend money on low quality investments that are beneficial for personal gain rather than the gain of the country or economy as a whole.

Corruption seriously undermines democracy and good name of political institutions. Economic, political and social effects of corruption are really hard to estimate.

Corruption can be solved in many ways. One way corruption can be solved is with extensive background checks to see if a government official misused any governmental powers for illegitimate private gain. Considering the fact that some corrupt people still may get in a governmental position because of false information, there are others ways to avoid and limit corruption.

Another way to limit corruption would be to organize a specialized group of people to investigate suspicious activities. Another method is to develop awareness so that others could learn to stop corruption as well.

It is important that citizens report incidences of corruption and for the government to take firm action against corrupt officials and leave no stone unturned in the investigations. Let the guilty ones be brought to court and be sentenced and they must also repay all that they have taken from the people. The authorities concerned must put citizens above all else and endeavour to have a clean government that the country may progress and develop.