August 12, 2010


Many of you know Antares of Magickriver as the blogger extraordinaire. But did you know that he is also artistically gifted in many other areas including music, art and vocals?

In April 1986, Antares released a limited-edition cassette titled 2nd Coming to celebrate the return of Halley's Comet and to gratify his libidinous addiction to musical extemporization.

He recorded, mixed and produced his first two albums on my own initiative financed by his own savings. The first album sold pretty well, even if no record company was interested in helping him distribute it. From the sales, be bought buy studio time (at a generous discount, thanks to Rediffusion!) to record 2nd Coming on state-of-the-art, 16-track, 2-inch analog tape.

Now, Antares is about to reissue his 1986 solo album, 2nd Coming, on CD - with a brand new master digitally enhanced by Deejay Sanuk aka Daniel Schwörer, an ace Swiss audio engineer and producer residing in Koh Samui.

If you want to know more about the album CLICK HERE and to listen to sample tracks, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Select the first item, "Terminal Hierophantiasis." Note that the mp3 version featured here has not been digitally enhanced.

Personally, I have seen Antares tinker on my piano in my home and have two of his albums. His talent is simply awesome and his creativity is most unusual as he is able to marry cultural and fusion elements most artistically. Considering that he was not musically trained, I find his compositions and chord progressions most unusual and almost surreal. It is such a pity that due to his preference for his lifestyle, he is not in the thick of the music scene in Malaysia. Certainly, few can come close to his talent and passion for what his music.

Please support him by putting in your orders early by :

a) transferring RM25 into either Maybank savings account #112071252584 or Public Bank savings account #4468026936;


b) depositing USD10/€8 into his PayPal account c/o

Please don't forget to email your postal address. The price includes postage. You will be notified when the CDs are posted.

My family and I wish Antares the very best in this music venture. My two boys and I dream of jamming with him one day but then again, Antares is in a super-duper class of his own!!

Syabas, Antares!!!