July 21, 2011

Hijacking virus found on 1 million computers!

In an article in The Telegraph, it was reported that Google plans to warn more than a million internet users that their computer is infected with a virus that intercepts their web searches.

The malicious software hijacks Google and other search requests and redirects them to websites that pay the cyber criminals behind the scam for traffic.

Google users will now be greeted with a yellow warning at the top of their search results if they are affected, according to the security blog KrebsonSecurity.

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July 17, 2011

My Memory and Google

According to this article, research finds people are adapting ability to remember because of power of search engines to remember for them.

First it was a search engine. Then it became almost synonymous with the internet. Now Google is a replacement for the ancient human faculty of memory.

Research by scientists at Columbia University has found that people are adapting their ability to remember because of the formidable power of search engines such as Google to remember things for them. In short, people no longer always need to know stuff; they just need to know where it can be found.