November 07, 2009

Letter - "Nizar vs Zambry"

In the case of Nizar vs. Zambry in Perak, the court hearing should include a jury of members of the Perak rakyat. If the BN/UMNO government wants to be fair and if it does not fear the rakyat, the hearing will be conducted with a jury.

The absence of a jury at the hearing will speak volumes about what
BN/UMNO thinks of the rakyat.

Written by PAKAC LUTEB

November 04, 2009

Nolah - Nalla!

Here's an article AT THIS LINK so ludicrous I laughed until I cried.

Isn't Nalla the same guy who about a decade ago testified against Anwar in exchange for a reduction of sentence on a charge involving ammunition?

People were sceptical of Nalla then and are even less naive now.

Nalla, you think people believe you now?

No-lah, Nalla!

Nalla, please enlighten us, what was the inducement this time for you to speak against Anwar?

Written by Pakac Luteb


Is it good sportsmanship to keep moving goalposts to favour one's own team? BN/UMNO seems to believe it is. Witness the many instances of when in the course of a trial the Prosecution has amended the charges.

Often it's done when the charges clearly can't be sustained in the face of the evidence.

An infamous example is Anwar's first sodomy case, where the building the sodomy allegedly happened had not yet been built at the date of the offence as stated in the charge.

Any proper court would have thrown out the charge and acquitted Anwar.

But the courts of Malaysia are anything but proper and permitted the Prosecution to amend the date of the charge.

Sometimes the Prosecution amends the charges to harass a defendant,the changes to the charges being intended to send the accused and their lawyer from pillar to post, even though that is blatant abuse and misuse of the Court.

The Prosecution must, if a trial is to have any legitimacy at all, give the defendant a sporting chance, by not amending charges during a trial.


November 01, 2009


November 6 2009 is Anwar's date in court for the second sodomy case. The government of Najib/UMNO/BN intends to swiftly convict and jail Anwar. The plan of the government is as follows:

Clause 24 of the DNA Bill prevents contesting DNA evidence IN COURT, however, it does NOT prevent contesting DNA evidence BEFORE a case is tried in court.

Because of that, the prosecution is withholding evidence, including DNA evidence, from Anwar's defence team.

Anwar's defence team will see the DNA evidence only in court, when it's already too late to challenge the evidence.

Clause 24 also states the DNA evidence is to be considered conclusive. In the context of a trial, what does conclusive mean?

It means the DNA evidence has priority and if there is any other evidence that is contrary to the DNA evidence, the contrary evidence is ignored and the accused is convicted solely on the DNA evidence.

In Anwar’s sodomy trial, it means the medical examination that shows Saiful was NOT sodomised will be ignored by the court.

Doctors learn psychology in medical school and are trained to observe patient’s behaviour and doctors can detect when someone is stressed and upset following being sexually assaulted.

A doctor observing Saiful after the alleged forcible sodomy noted that Saiful did not behave as someone who had been sexually assaulted. The court will ignore that observation by the doctor.

The trial will be before a judge, NOT a jury, because the government knows that a jury would never sokong such a sham trial.

The role of the police will to be to ensure the entire charade goes smoothly, including by suppressing protests against the government's shameful sham trial of Anwar.

With the Altantuya case, the IGP has Najib by the balls and Najib has given the IGP carte blanche (a figurative blank cheque) to run Malaysia.

Anwar is the enemy of both Najib and the IGP, thus Najib and the IGP are conspiring to eliminate Anwar as a political threat.

The government pretends to be not worried about Anwar, when actually it is terrified of Anwar.

That is why the government and others, such as Ezam, have of late made many disparaging comments about Anwar.

The government hopes the rakyat will believe those comments and not support Anwar. The government fears convicting Anwar, if he has a lot of support amongst the rakyat, as the government fears the possibility of a "people power" revolt such as ended the Marcos regime.

Now you know what the government's plan is.

From it’s inception, the DNA Bill has been intended to eliminate Anwar as a politician.

What Najib may not be aware of is the DNA Bill has the potential to be used against Najib.

DNA of Najib can be compared with DNA from the bones of Altantuya and if there is a match it is conclusive uncontestable evidence that Najib is the father of the baby that was inside Altantuya when she was murdered.

A previous article of mine explains how and why in detail, I shall summarise here:

When a woman is pregnant, some cells of her baby travel through her bloodstream and go everywhere in her body. That is a medical fact.

Now, Najib, do you still love the DNA Bill so much?

written by Pakac Luteb