November 18, 2009


The 1st Statutory Declaration (SD) preamble is that of someone proud of their length of service and promotions, look at the length and detail of the preamble. The 2nd SD preamble is short, it's just a formality, not a personal expression. The style (wording) of the preambles and SDs gives the impression they were written by different persons.

I conclude Bala wrote the first SD but somebody else wrote the second SD.

Various blogs have focussed on the money Bala was paid, saying he is not credible, the SD was done merely for money.

As i recall, several days ago, it was revealed Bala's family was being held hostage.

I think the safety of his family motivated Bala, not money. I think Bala is credible. If Bala's tale was not credible, then why didn't Najib counter the tale with evidence?


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