October 20, 2010

Many questions, no answers

Many things bug (not to be confused with bugger) me. Many questions. Not surprisingly not many bright answers. Anyone out there want to give a shot at these ?

Q1 : Is climate change is getting a grossly exaggerated share of attention ? After all, we do have many equally pressing issues.

Q2 : Why the Minister of Environment is always someone from Sarawak ? (and why have they all been men ?)

Q3 : Are plastic bags really bad ? I don’t think so. If people throw them irresponsibly, why blame the plastic bags ?

Q4 : Should we start cloning the rhinoceros to prevent it from going extinct ?

Q5 : Ali G once said that marine pollution is caused by the millions of fish and crabs shitting in the water (just imagine how much a blue whale might poop). What do you say ?

Q6: Does putting Anson Wong in prison change anything with regards to global illegal wildlife trafficking ?

Q7 : Is the performance of Pakatan Rakyat with regards to environmental protection any better than that of BN ?

Q8 : Can the WWF’s TX2 campaign’s target of doubling the tiger population by 2022 be achieved?

Q9 : Is Najib really serious about green technology or is it just hot, hot chicken shit (hangat-hangat tahi ayam) ?

PLEASE CLICK HERE for the rest of the post which was written by Dr. Bala of Planet of the Apes. Reposted with permission granted by Monyet King :-). Thanks!

We did it OUR way

Democracy is government based on faith, not religious faith but faith that ordinary citizens, when well-educated and free to choose, will choose their leaders wisely, being persuaded by logical argument rather than swayed by emotional rhetoric.

In a democracy everyone, male, female, rich, poor, are equal before the law. They are free to express their opinions and criticise their leaders.

It's impossible for any government to satisfy everyone all the time, thus in a democracy there is lots of disagreement and discussion that may be misinterpreted as chaos by people who do not understand the central premise of democracy; faith in the people to make wise choices of leadership.

People in democracies, because of their freedoms, are able to freely collaborate, brainstorm and crowdsource to solve problems.

People in a democracy can sack a dysfunctional government and replace it.

Dictatorships lack the advantages of many minds, millions of minds, working together to solve problems.

Dictatorships lack flexibility to respond to changes in economies and societies.

Look at how during the past 20 years various countries have prospered following the collapse of the USSR.

Look at the track records of dictatorships compared to democracies. You will find democracies are not perfect but they are much better than dictatorships.

Dictatorship's main focus is to perpetuate themselves, not ensure national prosperity.

I have faith that Malaysians will choose wisely when choosing leaders
and a system of government. The future and fate of everyone in Malaysia, including that of my children, depends on the choices made by my fellow Malaysians.

Together we can achieve much more than any one of us alone.

Of that I am certain.

Later, we can say, "We did it OUR way".

Written by Pakac Luteb

October 19, 2010

Singapore Red Cross Home for the Disabled

An aspect of Singapore hardly ever seen, and hardly ever discussed, are the handicapped. Let alone, the severely handicapped. They always seem forgotten.
The average, the below average, and especially the above average Singaporean simply has no time to bother themselves with taking time off to help with such projects.
The Video was created to coincide with the launch of the New Home for the Disabled.

Filmed in just 5 days, and edited in under a week, this short Promo was designed to touch hearts. It was filmed only using consumer cameras, and edited using consumer Computers. And it centered around the moving from the old home to the new one. Judiciously showing a "before and after" in the process.

We invite people to get their hands dirty, helping others in any selfless way they can. Not just giving money, but more so, giving their time, which is far more valuable and precious. Amateur filmmakers can also help, by documenting event special to them, and making such Videos available to the public for a better tomorrow.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO that was produced by Dr. Michael Chick. Kudos Dr. Michael for a brilliant job and more importantly for your heart that cares!

October 18, 2010

Demand-Side Organomics

In The Star, the Health Minister describes the shortage of donor organs for ill people on waiting lists.

He attributes the shortage to people's unwillingness to donate organs.

People may indeed be unwilling to donate their organs but why do so many people require new organs?

The Health Minister should do some "Demand-side organomics" to reduce the need for new organs.

Many of the new kidneys may be required due to diabetes.

The Health Minister should act to reduce the sugar intake of Malaysians and also to educate diabetic Malaysians on proper control and monitoring of their blood sugar.

Many of the new livers may be required due to reactions to medicines, some herbal medicines and antibiotics can cause liver damage.

Patients may be poorly informed by clinics regarding medicines they have been given and suffer liver damage from inadvertent over-dosage of Paracetamol.

Too few doctors explain to patients about medicines and their side effects. Too few patients ask questions of doctors regarding their health and their medicines.

Doctors and patients must act in partnership and there must be emphasis on maintaining health, not simply going to hospital or clinic ONLY when become ill.

Medical school's curricula must include the role of the doctor as educator of patients. Doctors must be trained how to effectively communicate with patients.

It's a matter of national urgency. Healthcare costs are rising, ill people are less productive workers, if many people are ill there will be a big drain on the economy of Malaysia.

Health Minister, Health Ministry, Medical Schools, Doctors, members of the Public, act NOW to prevent catastrophe!

Thank you.

Written by Pakac Luteb