October 21, 2009


Meetings seem a necessary evil of working life.

They are needed to share information but take away time from productive work.

There are various expenses involved, air pollution (if driving or flying to a meeting) and the way meetings are conducted often leaves much to be desired.

For example, what is the point of the Minutes of a meeting being distributed only at the next meeting?

Shouldn't the Minutes be distributed soon after the meeting, so they can be acted upon before the next meeting?

Are there alternatives to meeting face to face?

With the internet and e-Government and email, can't video conferencing and email be used?

If the meeting is to discuss a survey, the above electronic communications should suffice.

The actual survey form could be an email attachment that is filled up and emailed back to the sender.

That would save a LOT of time and expense compared with face to face meetings.

The above i believe is generally applicable, although what caused me to write on the topic was the apparent arrogance and short-sightedness of the Health Ministry, as revealed in a letter from a doctor to Malaysiakini at THIS LINK.