October 20, 2010

Many questions, no answers

Many things bug (not to be confused with bugger) me. Many questions. Not surprisingly not many bright answers. Anyone out there want to give a shot at these ?

Q1 : Is climate change is getting a grossly exaggerated share of attention ? After all, we do have many equally pressing issues.

Q2 : Why the Minister of Environment is always someone from Sarawak ? (and why have they all been men ?)

Q3 : Are plastic bags really bad ? I don’t think so. If people throw them irresponsibly, why blame the plastic bags ?

Q4 : Should we start cloning the rhinoceros to prevent it from going extinct ?

Q5 : Ali G once said that marine pollution is caused by the millions of fish and crabs shitting in the water (just imagine how much a blue whale might poop). What do you say ?

Q6: Does putting Anson Wong in prison change anything with regards to global illegal wildlife trafficking ?

Q7 : Is the performance of Pakatan Rakyat with regards to environmental protection any better than that of BN ?

Q8 : Can the WWF’s TX2 campaign’s target of doubling the tiger population by 2022 be achieved?

Q9 : Is Najib really serious about green technology or is it just hot, hot chicken shit (hangat-hangat tahi ayam) ?

PLEASE CLICK HERE for the rest of the post which was written by Dr. Bala of Planet of the Apes. Reposted with permission granted by Monyet King :-). Thanks!