May 20, 2010


The latest edition of The New York Times reported HERE that Pakistani authorities broadened a ban on social networking sites on Thursday, blocking YouTube and about 450 individual Web pages over what it described as “growing sacrilegious content.”

The article by Sabrina Tavernise said:

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, or P.T.A., blocked YouTube after a special Internet monitoring cell within the agency determined that “objectionable content” was increasing, according to a spokesman, Khurram Mehran.

“Earlier we were blocking the links,” he said of YouTube, “but when content increased we had to block the whole Web site.”The ban, which also included certain pages on the Flickr and Wikipedia sites, occurred a day after access to Facebook was suspended on orders from a Pakistani court. An Islamic lawyers group won that injunction, arguing that a contest started by users for drawings of the Prophet Muhammad — whose depiction is considered blasphemous by some Muslims — was offensive. Read more HERE.


Walt said...

It is a religion kept alive only by ignorance, fear and intimidation. but with the Internet comes a new age of enlightenment, and it's dark side become exposed for all the world to see. It's only power comes from fear, and to control the free will of the people this fear must be maintained at any cost

The more obvious it becomes that Muhammad was an evil false prophet. The greater the effort will be made by those in power to control the minds of the people. And they will stop at nothing.