October 16, 2009


People tend to choose the Devil they know instead of the Devil they don't know.

They do that because they don't THINK before choosing.

Devil we know, such as BN: We know it's a DISASTER and will ALWAYS be a DISASTER.

Devil we don't know, such as PKR/PAS: May be a DISASTER, may be EXCELLENT, may be just OK-lah. Those are the odds by mere chance. We can't predict the future accurately, so let's allow chance to guide us.

Devil we know, BN: 3/3 chance [100%] DISASTER

Devil we don't know PKR/PAS: 1/3 chance of DISASTER, 1/3 chance of OK-lah, 1/3 chance of EXCELLENT.

Thus we can see that the Devil we don't know has a 2/3 chance of being better than Devil we know.

Let us embrace the Devil we don't know and avoid giving the BN another landslide victory.

Come what may, DON'T vote BN, vote anything else, vote the Devil you don't know, proven above to probably be better than the Devil we know.

Written by Pakac Luteb